Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Snapshot of July

July has been amazing so far. We've had...

 a mini heatwave - and can I just say that I'm really glad it was 'mini'! I do enjoy warm balmy days and sunshine, but excessive heat - not so much.

...the most beautiful full moon


The girls being selected for the Derbyshire Young Ringers team, them traveling to Oxford to compete and their team coming 2nd!

Aren't those medals lovely?

... my orchid is just looking incredible at the moment. It's putting out quite a display.

...and my Hydrangea clippings that I took last autumn are in flower! It's a very satisfying feeling when something you propagated is doing so well. I'm definitely digging this plant up and taking it with me when we move to Devon in August!

So that's 15 days down - 16 more to go :)


  1. The hydrangea is looking good, you certainly did a great job. Congratulations to your daughters on their selection and success of the bell ringing team.

  2. Congratulations to your daughters, that's great! My dh has recorded Ringers in his recording studio - it's not easy! They should be very pleased with themselves. :)

    Your photos are so pretty. The hydrangea is such a beautiful color. It really is a beautiful world isn't it?

  3. Beautiful Gals with their well deserved medals! Hope the packing doesn't drive you crazy, looking forward to seeing the new place!

    San x

  4. Congratulations to your daughters, great medals indeed! I hope that the last few days countdown to the move go well! xx


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