Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Want a Peek Into My Backyard?

Last week a friend I used to work with years ago in  South Africa happened to be in my neck of the woods. Her husband had two days of business in Sheffield which is only about 12 miles from our small market town so the girls and I got to spend two lovey days showing her around.

Its at times like these that I am reminded what a beautiful part of England we live in. I'm so glad that Devon has such a similar landscape as we have here in Derbyshire!

Day one we spent exploring a National Trust property nearby, Hardwick Hall. We've been at least 4 times but it is one of our favourite places so we don't mind visiting again. My most favourite part of this property is the kitchen! Actually I have to confess that the kitchen and kitchen gardens in most NT properties are my favourite parts :)

This is the first time we have visited in peak summer and I have to say that they gardens are just beautiful.

Day 2 and we headed out into the Peak District. Our first stop was the Derwent and Ladybower Dams. Have you watched the movie 'Dambusters'? It's a movie made about the real life WWII hero's who trained to drop these bouncing bombs right here in Derbyshire - at these very dames. Their mission was to blow up key dams in Germany. Of course they suffered some losses but overall the missions were successful.

 Here it is! The dams where all that WWII dam busting practice happened.

After taking in the atmosphere of this amazing historic place and grabbing a bit to eat at a nearby pub, we headed into Bakewell.

As you can see we really had amazing weather. The sky was clear, the sun warm and Bakewell just looked splendid. It's such a pretty village.

Notice all the bunting - a familiar sight in English villages in the summer.

Now this is  cute - the love lock bridge over the River Wye.

We were very lucky to have our own little village have their Well Dressing happening, so on our way home we stopped off so that my friend could get a close look at this old Derbyshire tradition. That picture is made up entirely of plants, petals, straw - basically only organic matter - pressed into a wet clay base.

England is beautiful! I feel blessed to have all this history and beauty right on my doorstep.

Wishing you all a great day and will see you back here very soon :)

X Shirley


  1. I'm sure you'll fall in love with Devon as well, once you get used to their Devon burr as they tell you tales of smuggling, the revenue men and the moors

  2. Oh my, how beautiful! How fun, I am always in love with the kitchens and kitchen gardens, too! :) I think I've found a kindred spirit in you. So many things that we have in common.
    Thanks for bringing us along!

  3. I actually watched countryside on Sunday and they highlighted the tradition of well dressing on the programme I just love that the old traditions are being carried on and not lost. The gardens looked stunning, you took us on a beautiful tour.


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