Friday, July 17, 2015

A Little Autumn Touch In Summer

Last year I made some Autumn Bunting (bunting is a BIG British thing). I love autumn and always decorate my home for the season. So I figured that there must be more autumn lovers out there just like me. I was right, my bunting sold out! I think I could have sold more but simply did not have the time to make more. This year I thought I would get a head start on the autumn bunting.

My mum-in-law gave me this cute autumn fabric she got on one of her trips to Canada. I completely fell in love with it and had it earmarked for strings of bunting from the moment I laid eyes on it.

So here it is - the first two strings of 2015's autumn bunting :)

For close up pics of those little flags pop over to the shop and have a look.

Oh - the shop BTW is doing so well! My daughter makes the most gorgeous paperclips for planners. I had asked her to make me an autumn inspired set and this is what she came up with. 

I am thrilled with them of course - she's so clever - and I shared a picture of them on a FB planner page that I follow. Well the response was huge! I had people contacting me wanting a set, she sold 4 sets through FB and the set listed in the shop was sold too.

 She also got two commissions for paperclips that people wanted. She was so excited and I was so excited for her. She puts so much time and effort into her crafting and I am thrilled that it is paying off for her - it's so much fun!

The last 24 hours has seen 3 of my own items selling too - again - exciting and fun. What a way to finish off the week!

Anyhoo, I hope that your week has ended on a good note and that you are ready for a whole weekend of relaxation. I have a few nature study post waiting in the wings for you - remember our bee study? Well this week we got to visit a friend who also happens to be a beekeeper. More on that next week. 

Have a lovely weekend all.


  1. Those paperclips are darling!! I am certainly enjoying my summer - so far. But.. a part of me simply cannot wait for fall!! LOVE that season!! The best.

    Congrats on all your sales, too. I know how good that feels. :)

    May you be blessed.

  2. Congratulations on your successful venture, I predicted your stock wouldn't stay long in the shop. Love the Autumn bunting and the paper clips are a real delight, you have a talented daughter.

  3. I love all sorts of bunting and the clips are very pretty too! xx


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