Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Two Days Before Christmas...

Here at Under An English Sky we are cozily tucked away indoors away from the cold biting winds that are blowing with much enthusiasm outside and have been getting a bit of a head start on the Christmas preparations.

 Most of the gifts are wrapped with just a few to do tomorrow. Today I made the gravy and the Yorkshire puddings for the Christmas Lunch ahead of time. I find it's all those little bits that keep me in the kitchen when I would far rather be with my family on Christmas day.

The girls have made a start on setting the table already and will add a few touches tomorrow. And tomorrow! Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. We are so looking forward to our Christmas Eve lineup. We will attend the Crib Service at 16h30. The girls are ringing and I am helping out with getting any children who want to dress up all dressed up. The Crib Service is then followed by some festive mulled wine and mince pies with all who wish to stay and share a little festive fellowship.

Then it's back home for a few hours until we come out again for Midnight Mass at 23h30. I'm so looking forward to this service. The church looks beautiful all lit up with candles everywhere and there is something quite special as we share the joy of our Saviors birth together. 

So are you ready for Christmas? Are you enjoying a bit of peace during this crazy time where the world seems to go half mad with preparations? I hope so my dear reader. Wishing you all the peace and joy on these last two days of Advent.


  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours!! It sounds like you'll be having a beautiful time - celebrating. And, isn't it true? The more prep done ahead - so much better all around...? I should be in the kitchen - right now... though, I did a lot yesterday!! :)



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