Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Christmas Eve Yarn Along

I have two Christmas Eve finishes! I've had a wonderful morning sitting in the conservatory watching the birds visit the feeders and the weather change, roll in and then clear up over the fields while finishing up these two projects.

First, the Antler hat for DH. He does not have much hair and the days are cold. Going out to Midnight Mass tonight he will now have a snug hat to keep him warm. That thought really makes me feel happy, I think that's what I love about knitting. I know that what I knit is going to be worn, loved, and appreciated on cold days! I can't wait for him to get home this evening to try it on :)

My second finish is a pair of very pretty lacy fingerless mitts. My daughter and I sing in our church choir and for some reason the chancel is so much colder than the nave and when your hands are cold it makes finding your hymns in the hymn book rather tricky. So fingerless mitts is what is required for such a time as that!

I want to finish this post by wishing you all a very merry and blessed Christmas with your loved ones. Have a wonderful time and I look forward to seeing you back here at Under An English Sky soon :)


  1. Merry Christmas, lovely - your knits are just fab! Enjoy the celebration,

  2. Christmas Blessings and those knits look beautiful.

    San xx

  3. What wonderful projects and Merry Christmas

  4. beautiful knitting :) Merry Christmas!!


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