Friday, December 19, 2014

The Christmas Kitchen

There is no doubt that we tend to spend allot more time in the kitchen over the festive season! This week I baked 3 dozen Christmas mince pies. Two dozen were destined to spread a bit of Christmas good cheer :). A dozen to our library ladies to share over a cup of tea and a dozen dropped off at our wonderful dentist's practice. They were so accommodating with a dental emergency we had in our home this week, so a little show of appreciation was in order I thought.

Then of course a dozen for my wonderful hubby and family here at home - which are finished already so I will be baking more today!

The gingerbread house....

Isn't just lovely? I love love LOVE this little tradition that we have only recently started, inspired by my beautiful friend Jenny - who makes a gingerbread house with her children every year.

Speaking of all things food, I mentioned last week that I had a few frugal thoughts about Christmas Dinner.

Every year there seems to be far too much food! There is so much left over and the truth is I'm not sure why I cook so much when there is no possible way we can finish it all. Fair enough if you have oodles of people over, but we usually only have a few extra people with us, not enough to justify three different meats, vegetables to feed and army - of which there is always left over, and a selection of deserts to try and fit in on overfilled tummies.

So this year I have decided on a different approach. I have chosen a 4 bird roast with stuffing which is big enough for my family and is currently sitting in my freezer. Veg will be what we usually have with a roast dinner but with a bit of a twist. I'll find different ways of preparing them so that they are a bit special.

Deserts, well, we will make one special desert that we have not tried before and enjoy that much later after our Christmas dinner. We are always too full to have desert straight after. 

Of course we will set a table that is festive and fun, with lots of crackers to pull and glittery stars on the table cloth. So lots of festive fun but trying to not over spend, over eat and over do everything but rather keeping it all real :)

 We are now officially on holiday, all books have been packed away for two weeks and I am going to indulge in a little 'planner play'. My new Filofax arrived this morning and I can't wait to 'move in' :)

I'll be sure to pop in and give all those who share a love for new planners and diary's a little peek soon. Until then, have a wonderful weekend.


  1. I need to check my baking list and make sure I'm not forgetting any. We give out boxes of cookies so I need to make sure I have enough. I need to make some mince pies for mom, but I may wait until the new year. She loves to eat them any time of year, so she won't mind.

    I've got two turkeys in the freezer waiting. One's 8lb and the other is 11. None of our turkey were big enough for the number I'm having to cook for this year. I sure hope the step-MIL's family appreciate the home grown turkey. My sister and BIL (and mom) will be over on boxing day. I'm doing a beef roast that day, that way I don't have to mess around with it much. And of course Christmas crackers that day too! Wouldn't be a Rees family Christmas without the crackers.

  2. We have that four bird roast, Aldi perchance?!!

    Do share the Filofax as all things planning is fascinating!

    Hope you have a really lovely Christmas x

    1. Yes it is San :)
      I will be sharing my Filofax soon! It's already in 'drafts' :)
      Wishing you and your family a very blessed Christmas.


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