Wednesday, December 04, 2013

A Little Frugal Kitchen Festive Cheer

The kitchen is usually the place that always smells so delish this time of year. I have already churned out three dozen Christmas pies and we are only 5 days into Advent! I think I am going to need more fruit mince! 

As I spend so much time in the kitchen, I wanted it to have it's own little festive touch this season. So I dressed up the teapot dresser. I took down the colourful bunting that was strung at the top and replaced it with this little length of Christmas bunting I made last year.

I couldn't resist this cute little stack of Robbin and Christmas pud cake tins. They were only £5.00 for all three from Dunelm.

Aren't those little Robbins just too dear? They are my favourite birds so this little stack of tins brings a smile to my face every time I see them. Of course they are practical too - they are full various good-to-eat Christmas treats.

On either side of the Robbin tins I have these cute little votive candles. The little stuffed star decorations has a picture of a Reindeer on the front. This is not the greatest picture - sorry about that. As you know - I love candlelight at this time of the year, so I have plenty included in our Christmas/Winter decor.

Among the teapots I have placed trio's of pine-cones. These were selvaged from a past fresh wreath - waste-not want-not :o)

Above the hob I have placed some holly from the garden and a little snowman from our Christmas decorations. Cost - £0.00

Isn't he just so cute? 

Along the windowsill behind the sink I have a trio of woven Christmas trees from our decorations, between each one a tea-light candle placed in home-made votives.

These were small coffee jars. I just tied a bit of festive ribbon around them simple and sweet. Cost - £0.00

What I am loving about 'decking-the-halls' this Christmas is that we are hunting down creative and virtually cost-free ways of making our home festive. We are using what we have along with lots of natural resources from nature. My girls have picked up the torch and have made a wonderful eye-catching display in the lounge - but I will leave that little bit for tomorrow's post :o)


  1. How sweet to share your decorating. It's fun to see your special areas and decor. I love the tea pots and tins, how cute! Thank you Shirley!

  2. It's all those little things that make it look so festive. Thanks for sharing! You gave me some great ideas.

  3. Love your bunting! Thanks for sharing all the festive touched. I liked seeing the post of your front door too. Now I know just what it looks like when my letter arrives at your front door! :)

  4. We are decking our halls, too, only I didn't share pics...will need to do that! We've been making buntings this year and having lots of fun with them. :)


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