Tuesday, December 03, 2013

A Festive Welcome...

I think that it is so easy to get carried away buying decorations to decorate your home over the Christmas season. I have been so inspired browsing around Pinterest, some of those front porches are quite something! 

Now I want my home to look and be warm, inviting, and festive, but I certainly do not want it to cost me a fortune! I do enjoy a more natural and homespun look anyway, so it is not hard to create something special for very little or even next to nothing.

This is what will greet friends, family, the postman and milkman - and whoever else drops by our home this season. It's simple, but it also conveys a little about the occupants! Have you noticed the cross in the pots?

This little arrangement was adapted from an idea I found on Pinterest. It is simply greenery and sprigs of holly gathered from the garden, pine-cones and teasel heads gathered from various nature walks, a couple of baubles - bought really cheaply from Tesco, and a bit of ribbon.

I think that the palm leaf crosses that top the arrangement are the best bit for me. They convey a silent message. Christmas is about Christ in this home.

Now all we are waiting for is a bit of snow please!!!!


  1. I hit on this topic on my blog today! How funny! I think your front door and porch decorations are perfect and lovely.

  2. I love that you repurposed your Palm Sunday crosses into your Christmas decorations. It truly tells the full meaning of Christ's birth. We lived in Pinner, Middlesex for 3 years and this was one lovely tradition our church held - Palm Sunday crosses. We saved our each year. I plan to dig ours out of storage today. Thank you for the idea. Happy Christmas!


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