Thursday, December 05, 2013

A Christmas Mantel...

Good Morning! Well today gale-force winds, rains, wintry showers, and snow in the north have hit Britain. So we are hunkering down until it blows over :o)

Yesterday I mentioned how my girls had made a lovely eye-catching Christmas decor display in the living room. I think they did a fantastic job of decorating the mantle...

I love the hanging baubles - a great idea we got off Pinterest :o)

I just love the sunlight streaming through onto the little scene.

Our little creche scene is on the hearth

and our little African Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus have their place too.

Tomorrow the tree arrives - early I know, but we did a bit of shopping around earlier on in the week to try and get the best tree for a reasonable price. I am glad to say that we found a lovely 7ft Norway Spruce for £40.00 - a bargain, I thought, after seeing what some places were charging for smaller trees. I was shocked at some of the prices! Miss V-L said that we should just grow our own for future. That's all good and well but I have never had much luck with conifers! They ALWAYS die on me :o)

Hope to see you here again soon :o)


  1. beautiful decorating, very festive! Glad you found the tree :)

  2. Did you embroider your stockings Shirley? Beautiful! I'm so enjoying your blog. :D

  3. Your girls did an excellent job and pinterest is the best place to get ideas. I hope you will enjoy the cosiness they created.Hugs, Angie***


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