Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Yarn Along :: Autumn Notebook

Joining Ginny today for Yarn Along

I only have two projects on the go at the moment - still busy with my stripey blanket which is destined to live in the car for the girls to cuddle up in during winter.

I had to frog my Fair Isle hot water bottle cover as it was turning out WAY too big for the bottle. Instead I have decided to stitch and quilt a cover. It's coming along quite nicely and almost ready to share here :o)

DH's Weekend Jumper is nearly finished. I am on the final sleeve now and then it's just sewing up and finishing off.

Reading: I found Gervase Phinn's first adult novel on the library shelves this week. I have loved his tales of his time when he was a schools inspector. He often had me in stitches over the funny tales he told surrounding young children in education. I am hoping that this book will live up to his excellent writing track record :o)

That's it for today. The sun is shining after some heavy rains so the girls and I are off for a cobweb clearing nature walk.

Blessings all...


  1. how exciting to be finishing up your husband's sweater! Sorry about the hot water bottle cover, hopefully you'll be back on track.

  2. Your knitting is much more advanced than mine at this point, and looks very nice. :) If you'd like to see mine, you can find it here.

  3. That book looks so interesting! I'll have to see if I can find it.

  4. Hi Shirley! I have just recently found your blog through OHC blog. I have really enjoyed perusing your blog. We have a lot in common. :O) How exciting that you are almost finished with your husband's sweater. I read the first book in the school inspector series by Gervase Phinn. I really enjoyed it. Have you read Miss Read? I love her books. ;o)

    1. Hi Heather - glad you found me :o). I have read Miss Read - l LOVE her books. Another great read is Jack Sheffield's school series. I am totally addicted to those. If you enjoy Miss Read, Gervase Phinn and James Herriot, you will love Jack Sheffield.

    2. Thanks Shirley! I will look for his books. ;o)

  5. Not sure if my first comment published.....that book looks so good! I'm going to see if my library can get it.


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