Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Late Autumn Loves

Last night we had our first hard frost of the season.  I love the patterns it made on my car's windscreen.

Our hedge now displays a glorious spectrum of russets, yellows and reds. As you can see in the background the trees along our street have had all their pretty autumn foliage blown straight off - we have had some pretty high winds and storms this autumn!

This morning ...

.... ah, this morning, the sun filtering through the windows delighted me! It danced on the fire place and...

gently resting on homespun blankets.

In just over a week, our countryside views have changed from being spotted with yellow to having a distinctly, overall, yellow hue. 

I am mindful to enjoy these brief moments and treasure them. I am glad that I have this blog to record life's joyful little moments.

The Magnolia tree just outside the conservatory is rapidly dropping it's leaves - which allows us to see through to it's branches where the birds love to play and dart out to grab the food that we put out on the table feeder for them.

Lovely, beautiful, brief autumn days :o)


  1. Thank you for sharing your corner of the world through your lovely photographs, Shirley! I admit I live vicariously through them! ;)

  2. so so beautiful and serene, thanks for the walkabout :) Ours is all brown brown, go are the reds and yellows and few oranges.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous..

    I like how you say "brief autumn days". Very true..


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