Friday, November 22, 2013

Hot Water Bottle Cover - Ta Dah

I mentioned in Wednesday's post that I frogged my Fair Isle hot water bottle cover that I was knitting. It was just turning out Waaaaaaay too big. I decided instead to sew one together - with a little embroidery to pretty it up.

I have loads of inspiration on my Embroidery Pinterest board, so drawing from that, I drew up a pattern for my hot water bottle and traced one of the designs onto some lovely white linen.

I loved stitching this little scene. How cute is that little birdhouse with it's little wreath, Christmas tree and smoke puffing out of the chimney. You get the sense that the little feathery inhabitants are quite warm inside while the wind blows and the snow falls outside.

I little red gingham trim at the top adds a little more festive cheer to the scene. I used red linen for the back an put a zip in so that the hot water bottle has no chance of slipping out and burning my skin.

I thouroughly enjoyed this little stitching project - I forgot how much pleasure that my embroidery, quilting and sewing gives me. I will certainly be planning more projects for my home!

Happy Friday Friends!

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  1. That is so whimsical! I love it and your so talented to create it :)

  2. LOVE that sweet design! Oh, you did such a nice job! The beads are so wonderful for the berries. :) I like my water bottle as hot as can be and so I haven't made any cover for it, though I do have some knit patterns in my queue, but this is SO charming. Do you suppose it's okay if I covet my neighbor's hot water bottle cover... just a little bit?? :)


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