Saturday, November 16, 2013

Around Here...

We are enjoying this November autumn-ness - it has for the most part been sunny and mild. But change is in the air as temperatures dropped this past week.

I'm loving the abundance of acorns, berry's, and rose hips. So much food for all the wild creatures.

Apparently, this abundance of fruit's happens every 7 or 8 years. It's a way for the trees and shrubs to ensure their survival. During the 'leaner' years, most of the fruits are eaten by hungry birds and smaller creatures. This 'abundant output' takes quite a bit of energy, hence the reason for it only occurring every 7 years or so.

Of course I have NEVER noticed this rhythm before now - but since we have become a 'nature walk/observing' family - all thanks to the Charlotte Mason educational philosophy - we are noticing and learning so much about natures way of doing things!

At this time of year, changes are occurring almost daily. All the geese that had gathered on the lake near our home have now gone. It felt kinda sad to see the lake so empty where just a few days before it had been teeming with life and noise. But each day seems to bring something new to delight the eyes. The view of the moors from our garden is now distinctly yellowish as the trees now are clothed in all their autumn glory.

New fungus pops up and is then gone within a week or two.

The rapid pace of autumn will soon give way to the slower, restful rhythm of winter, and that season too will bring with it it's own delights and wonders.

Right now, I am trying my very best to savour each day -although I admit to feeling like I am hurtling alongside autumn's changes - the weeks fly by, I mean - it's the 16th of November already! How did that happen??

Anyhoo - tomorrow afternoon I plan on taking a lovely S L O W autumn walk with my family :o)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend - may it be slow and peaceful!

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  1. I loved seeing your countryside, so very pretty! We have mostly brown oak leaves left on trees. I can see deeply into our woods and sometimes I spot a deer staring at me (never have the camera when that happens.)


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