Sunday, October 06, 2013

Preserving the Harvest

I mentioned last week that I had a 'glut' of tomatoes. A glut BTW, is an abundance of - more than what you need. As you can see from the picture below - that is exactly what I have! This is after a gave a whole bag to a dear friend. 

Friday was the day I set aside to process, what I thought would be the whole lot, into Green Tomato Chutney. Hmm - I used 2kg of tomatoes and still had one whole tray and bit of tomatoes left! Arrrgggg - I'm going to be having green tomato nightmares! I mean - there's only SO MUCH chutney one family can consume!

My largest pot was full to capacity!

2kg of tomatoes yielded 4 large jars and 5 small ones. I'm thinking that some are going to have to be given away as gifts!

I'm still not entirely sure what this is going to taste like and will only know if it has been truly successful after the maturing period of a few months. I certainly hope it tastes delish! It was allot of hard work I tell you! I have a new-found respect for the housewives of old who had to preserve much more than just tomatoes! If you would like the recipe for Green Tomato Chutney, THIS is the one I used.

See you back here tomorrow with part 2 of my Frugal Autumn Decor series.


  1. I bet you have the best smelling kitchen right now! You've been so busy!!

  2. We love green tomato chutney - but are still eating up last years glut! Still hoping for some of our green tomatoes to ripen this year

  3. I don't know that I have had green tomato chutney. It does sound like a good way to use the tomatoes.


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