Monday, October 07, 2013

Frugal Autumn Decorating - Part 2

Over the week-end, I spent a bit of time collecting some of natures gifts to craft some more frugal autumn decor for our home. This forms part 2 of my Frugal Autumn Decorating series {I'm really not sure how many parts to this series there will be - I guess when I feel our home is suitably decked out for the season the series will be complete - LOL}. If you missed my first post, you can read part 1 here.

Nothing says 'Welcome' quite like a pretty front door display. Now my mums are looking a bit shabby at the moment, but what you don't see are all the new buds just waiting to bloom over then next week. A second breath of life will fill these pots for the season. One of my pumpkins have ripened so that has been added to the front door display.

One of the crafts on my 'Four Seasons Nature Crafts' Pinterest Board was a super easy leaf wreath. I decided that this would be the wreath to decorate my front door this season. All you need for this striking wreath is a wire hanger bent into shape. Bend a hook at one end before threading on your collected leaves, then bend another hook to form your circle once done. I added some pinecones and gold ribbon to finish it off. For a full tutorial visit here.

(Now you know what I wanted the leaves for Jenny ;o)

For a autumnal centrepiece in our living room, I filled a wooden display bowl with lovely red apples, popped two of the apples into apple-cosy;s that I knitted last year, and finished off with some dried teasel heads found in the open plot of land next door.

I created this little centrepiece for my bedroom. Again using a wooden trough that I had lying about, I filled it with some acorns - of which there are an abundance at the moment, much more than last year - some pinecones, a bit of bark, a twig and some berries from the garden.

My daughter bought me these cute little rustic heart tea-light candles a little while ago, so I added them to the display - much to my daughters delight.

So there we have it - a few more ideas that are all totally free and look fantastic!

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  1. Shirley, I love the way your front door display looks--especially the leaf wreath--so lovely! :)

  2. Thank you Carina :o). It is very effective and so simple to make! I think that this is going to have to become one of our regular autumn crafts!


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