Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Lavender and Yarn

Joining Ginny for...
This week has been a lovely yarny week! I have been making some good progress on DH's Weekend Jersey - I actually think that he will indeed be wearing it before the weather becomes too cold! I am feeling quite motivated with this project and find it hard to put the needles down!

I am also feeling the need to begin my Christmas projects very soon! I think that I might start on that this afternoon :o) - the weather has taken a turn this week, chilly and wet - perfect for knitting and sewing!

I ordered a bag of lovely dried lavender from the Yorkshire Lavender Company last week, and it arrived yesterday! I plan to use this to make some lovely scented bags as gifts for loved ones. The aroma is just heavenly! It is so highly fragrant and the fact that it is local is wonderful!

Reading - well, that would be 'Lessons At Blackberry Inn' by Karen Andreola. Not the first time I have read it, but it is inspirational and comforting to my soul :o)

A few other things I have finished up this week...

these little decorative cushions were stitched over the weekend and finished up yesterday. They make an adorable little autumnal touch to the kitchen :o)

Blessings to you all...


  1. Your sweater and yarn look like a perfect cozy match. I like your idea of lavender bags so much that I may be borrowing it to knit some Christmas gifts myself; thank you!

  2. That heathery gray on the sweater is so lovely! And the simple rib fits it perfectly. I can almost smell the lavender!

  3. I always reread Karen's inspiring book when I need a homeschool pick-me-up. :) I also adore lavender and really like your gift idea.

  4. You are a very speedy stitcher! Love them and the fact that the are all about the season we welcome!

  5. it was about this time last year that I dug out the counted cross little pillows are perfect for the season. How are you going to do your lavender pillows? Knit? Sewn??? inquiring mind need to know!!!! (I have a bunch of lavender left over!!!!) (thanks for connecting to my blog earlier!!! so glad I found you, too.)

    1. Hi Steph, I had planned on doing sewn ones, but you are the second person who mentioned knitted ones - I had not thought of that before. I have quite allot of Rico cotton yarn which would make really cute little lavender bags. I think I am going to have to make both!


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