Thursday, October 03, 2013

Frugal Autumn Decorating - Part 1

Fall decorating happens throughout the season in my home and is ever-changing, mainly because I use what nature has to offer, I don't buy in all those lovely silk leaves that would last forever - far too expensive!

I personally like natural and homespun, so this suites me just fine. I thought that I would show you a few things that I have done to decorate the living-room. As the month progresses, I will show you other corners of our home decked to celebrate the season. Nature is ripening pumpkins in the garden {planted in spring for decor and kitchen pantry purposes} which will stand next to the mums at the front door, and I have a few nature craft ideas that will add to our fall celebrations :o) But for now...

You can see my stitched pumpkin sampler hanging on the right hand side of the fireplace and a little autumn fairy on the left. The lighting was just horrific today so I know she looks washed out - I will post a picture of her on a better lighting day - she is so sweet!

In front of the fireplace we have branches of turning leaves gathered on a nature walk. These will be replaced as they need to be.

Strung across the top is a sweet little hand-knitted acorn garland. If you remember from my Yarn Along posts, I started working on these little acorns in June - just for this purpose :o)

The little hand-knit pumpkins I made now form part of our mantle display along with cones collected on various nature walks.

The centre-piece is a fabric corn-on-the-cob I bought off eBay a few years back, and a jam jar filled with berries from the hedgerows. These could be Rowan berries - I'm not absolutely sure, but when we were collecting them, we noticed the Finches feasting on them.

The the left of the fireplace, I have filled a glass jar with bright orange berries from our garden - I have no clue what shrub they are from but I just love the bright colour! In front of the berry jar is a strip of bark and some acorns all collected on our nature walks.

Fun, easy and frugal ideas! Keeping it simple, natural and affordable is the way to enjoy adding those special touches.

 I have found that my Pinterest boards have really helped.  I was able to gather the natural materials fairly quickly as I had a clear idea of what I was going to do this season - this has not always been the case :o)

Anyhoo - I am working on my October themes and plans post for you - hopefully I will have it up tomorrow sometime. In the mean time - have a wonderful day!


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  1. I really like your decorations, and I agree that simple, natural and handmade are always better! :) You've done a great job!

    1. Thank you :o) - They say the best things in life are free - I agree *smile*


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