Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Around Our Home This Autumn

Changes are coming fast and furious in nature at the moment! I took these pictures of the trees that line our street on September 25th...

And these today...

See all the leaves on the ground? One of the smaller trees has lost every single leaf already!

Elsewhere in the garden pumpkins are ripening...

shrubs are full of berries for the birds...

and we are enjoying the last of the late summer roses.

Indoors preserving and canning is about to begin - I have a huge glut of tomatoes - and I have finished my autumn pumpkin sampler...

So - a little of what has been going on around Moor View Cottage of late :o)



  1. What is a glut -of tomatoes? Is that a certain amount? equivalent to...?

    Makin' me curious this morning. ;)

    Also - I love that pumpkin sampler. You remind me. I have been thinking about getting back into counted cross-stitching again. I want to do a vintage looking ABC sampler - tea dyed and everything. I can see it in my head but it's the matter of sticking to it and getting it done. I, of course, have to buy it first. ;)

    1. Hi Bevy,
      A glut - by definition - is 'To fill beyond capacity, especially with food' - which is how I feel with all the green tomatoes I have! The plan is to make Green Tomato Chutney.

      I do love cross-stitch - but it is something I have to carve time out for as it requires my full attention! Knitting is for night-time when I don't have to concentrate so hard :o). BTW, there are lots and lots of free charts on the net - check out my 'Embroidery and Cross Stitch' Pinterest page - I'm sure you will find links to something you like.

  2. How lovely! I hope I can some day visit the UK. It's on my "bucket list," haha.

    1. I hope you get to visit too Cassidy. Summer is best as all the National Trust properties are open along with loads of English country fair's! And of course - nicer weather - sometimes LOL.

  3. thank you for the lovely walkabout! We have golden leaves mainly falling on our property. Love your crossstitch sampler, so sweet!


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