Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Yarn Along

This week I cast on for a new project - despite the fact that the socks are still on the go! Oh my, why do I keep starting a new pair of socks when they struggle to hold my interest? Perhaps because they feel so nice :o)

I have had my heart set on making Shalom for a little while now. I have been inspired by the many woman who link up at Yarn Along who have knitted this cardigan. I don't usually have a huge amount of success with knitting up cardies for myself but have figured out why. I usually ignore the whole gauge thing - duh! Why would I do that? I don't know - but I have. Not this time. I am determined to get it right as there are many lovely knits on my Ravelry list at the moment.

My yarn arrived on Friday. I chose Drops Andes. I really wanted to use lovely yarn for this project and was thrilled to see that Wool Warehouse is running a special on their Drops yarn. I bought two colours - Light Grey Green and Heather. It feels heavenly! So soft and warm. It is going to be perfect for those cool autumn days. I bought some really cute buttons while I was about it...

aren't they just adorable?

I am loving this project so far. I love how quickly it knits up. I might end up making another - but with long sleeves. But we shall see how this one turns out first. I really am a bit nervous due to my lack of success in the past.

Reading: In the Left Behind series I have reached book number 9 - 'Desecration'. These books are a riveting read and once again I find it hard to tear myself away. Another book that I have just taken out of the library is 'Agatha Raisin and the Vicious Vet' by M.C Beeton. These books are always a light read and alternate well with my 'heavier' read of the Left Behind books.

Joining Ginny over at Small Things for today's Yarn Along


  1. they are super adorable buttons! Jealous. I think I cast on socks because I get a pair of socks, simple as that. Have fun casting on!

  2. Yes I think that's pretty much my reason for casting on for socks. Boring knitting but such a lovely reward at the end :o)

  3. I agree, the buttons are wonderful, and socks, well, socks are good! :) Agatha Raisin sounds intriguing...

  4. i loved knitting the shalom. it was my first big person sweater. enjoy it!

  5. your shalom looks lovely so far shirley ann, it's going to be perfect i bet! i have never tried drops, and have just found a shop not so far from me that carries it, i'm looking forward to trying some soon!

  6. So pretty - I have that Shalom on my Ravelry favorites and someday will try it! The yarn is just beautiful and looks like a joy to knit with! I also ignore gauge and kick myself for it time and time again; I haven't knit a "big person" garment yet but will need to make sure to knit a swatch first when I do!

  7. Good luck with the shalom, i enjoyed making mine, but alas lovely hubs managed to felt it in the machine!!!

    Gorgeous wool and the buttons are so sweet.



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