Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May Wreath...

Finally... it is finished!

After what seemed like a never ending marathon of crocheting little leaves, flowers and roses, my May wreath is finished and hanging in the conservatory. I just love it! It is perfect for this glass room and already my head is swimming with ideas for more such pretties :o)

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  1. Beautiful, well done!


  2. Hello...I found you...lovely to see pics of the girls and all you are up to...love your wreath...so inspired by you...as always...still knitting away at waffle weave dish cloths...can you believe it :-)
    Much love

    1. So glad you are here Shells ;o) and so lovely to see that you too are blogging. I will be sure to visit you often in your bloggy home :o)

  3. fabulous! that wreath turned out great, so cheery.

  4. Just lovely! A wonderful way to welcome spring!

  5. What a beautiful May wreath! You are SO talented! Keep up the good work!
    Best wishes,
    P.S. You can see what I get up to in my spare time by visiting my blog www.stampingwithmagda.blogspot.co.uk I'd appreciate your comments, too. :-)


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