Monday, May 13, 2013

May's Garden...

The hedges are greening up, the trees now showing a lovely cloak of green, the cowslips nodding their pretty heads in the meadows and along woodland paths, yes, Summer is creeping closer with every passing day.

Closer to home, May's garden is coming along. Our newly dug kitchen garden is beginning to take shape. We have added to our singular strawberry bed over the past two weeks - thanks to my dedicated husband and all his back-breaking work! The broccoli, beet, cauliflower and leeks have all gone in and are establishing nicely. I have planted a second set of each already. Yesterday the peas went into their freshly dug bed. New frames put up for them to trail over and a row of sunflowers along the middle of the two frames. I am looking forward to seeing this bed in the height of summer!

Carrots and parsnips were also planted out yesterday, along with various herbs. I was so tempted to plant all my bedding plants yesterday, but a little caution from Alan Titchmarsh on the radio on Saturday has kept that task on hold for another few weeks. I am hoping that I haven't jumped the gun on planting out my peas and am ready to dash out and cover them with cloches should frost threaten.

As for the rest of the garden, Tulips are still flowering and some late bloomers are just about to open. 

The Camellia's are looking lovely... I think my grandmother must have had these shrubs in her garden while I was growing up because every time I look at it I am reminded of her and my childhood!

And I have two trees in the kitchen garden in full bloom. I am hoping that these are apples! I have had a go at identifying them - but I am never too sure. Time will tell.

May's garden has also seen a full rainbow stretching overhead. I'm afraid this is the best shot I could get on my humble little camera...

and some flying of some homespun kites :o)

Today May's garden has seen lots of good soaking rain - just what all the plants need. Although living in England you would think that we are wet just about all of the time, and that was certainly true of last year, this year has been quite dry up until recently. I have actually had to water my garden myself on three different occasions! Shocking I know -LOL.

Anyhoo - that's about it for today. Hope to see you here again soon.

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  1. They sure look like apples! I'm looking forward to discovering too! What a fun surprise.


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