Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Home Blessings :: A New Hallway

Hello Lovelies! I hope that you are all keeping safe and well. We are all well, healthy and keeping busy. My girls have now both finished their first year on uni. Miss Jess handed in her final assignment today. It's a bit of a mixed blessing because they've had something to keep them busy up to now. With things remaining largely in lockdown I think they may get a little bord. But never fear...I have lots of home-decor plans they can get involved with!

With B & Q now open and lots of time on our hands, it's time to indulge in a bit of home decorating. Our home is very neutral at the moment and although I like neutral it needs to be a little fun and elegant at the same time. 

I'm loving a chic grey pallet with pops of colour every so often.  

From the moment we stepped into this hallway during our first viewing it was just crying out to be turned into a statement entry. I've been absolutely loving the deep scandi blues for quite a while now and thought that it would be perfect in this part of the house. The hall, passages and staircase walls are all covered in a very beige textured wallpaper. It's neutral and very boring! It's going to take an epic job to get all the wallpaper off so we have decided to do it in stages. Yesterday I woke up and after scrolling through inspirational home pics on Instagram I determined that it was time to get the hallway done.

It took all morning to strip off the wallpaper and prepare the walls. I'm always a little wary when it comes to stripping wallpaper as there are usually some not-so-lovely hidden surprises to deal with. On the whole, our walls were okay although there were a few polyfiller moments and even now after the makeover my husband will have to fill in the imperfections that have shown up post-paint come the weekend.

After a quick lunch and a cup of tea, I was ready for the fun part...painting. At this point, Miss Jess decided to lend a hand and did all the boring edging work for me while I got busy with the roller.

The end result...

I absolutely love it! I still have to paint all the skirting and door frames again as I want the white to really pop. 

This little table needs replacing too - it's a temporary fix. I've found a lovely hallway table online but we've agreed to get that at the end of the month after all the money we've invested at B & Q this month 😂.

Next project will be my office/craft room. Right now it is plastered with a rather insipid green wallpaper and is just not the most inspirational of places. I have a lovely grey paint which will provide a great backdrop to pops of colour from handcrafted knits and crochet projects. White cube shelving will help hide away all my yarn, fabric and dye supplies as well as the household linen which is currently stacked on ugly shelves - I'll have to provide a before and after pic in that post - I can't bring myself to just share a before pic 😂.

What are you doing to keep yourselves busy whilst 'grounded'? I'd love to know.

Blessings to you all today.

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  1. The transformation is amazing...I really like what I see!
    By the way, your new side photo is beautiful too.

  2. I love the new colour it is gorgeous :-) Our house was painted neutral when the owners wanted to sell but it was done on the cheap so not very good quality wall paint and the woodwork was essentially just primer! I have slowly been undercoating and glossing the woodwork but will wait for a decorator to do the hall and stairs as it is too big a job for me. Dave and I used to work together he hung wallpaper and I painted but all that has changed now. Our hallway is too small to carry off a dark colour but I will look for a brighter neutral to brighten up the space once the lock down is over. Take care San xx

    1. San we have to redo all the woodwork too and of course all the wallpaper...*sigh*. I hate wallpaper - it's going to be a task that will take some time but that's the beauty of owning your own home. You can plod along at your own pace. I'm quite likeing the idea of getting in a decorator to tackle the stairs. It's a mammoth job!

  3. Hi Shirl. The entrance hall looks STUNNING. Well done.

  4. I love how your entryway turned out! I'm always hesitant to use dark colors like that because I'm worried it will feel oppressive, but your space looks lovely!

    I'm pretty sure our home improvement stores are open, and I've thought about heading over there to get some paint and also some soil to make more planters for the garden, but with cases still on the rise and lots of people not wearing masks, we're still trying to limit unnecessary errands. But my husband was able to refurbish our chick house with stuff we had around, so I'm hoping to add some new chicks to my flock soon. :)

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! The contrast in colors is really quite breathtaking!


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