Friday, May 15, 2020

Created and Upcycled

Hello again my lovely bloggy friends! It's been quite a bit cooler here this week - back to seasonally correct temperatures and it's been taking a little getting used to I'm not going to lie. We literally dropped 11 degrees C overnight and that is coupled with chilly antarctic winds. Perfect knitting weather!

I have finally finished my Nutkin socks. It took me much longer than I had anticipated. As I mentioned I managed to injure my wrist and that slight movement required in knitting played havoc with the injury. I'm still struggling to knit for any length of time but I am enjoying the little bit I do get done.

I love how they turned out. I used a 2.5mm circular needle and the cable pattern has produced quite a snug sock which is great in the long-run as they tend to keep their shape better. I find the plain vanilla sock stretches over time and then they just become a bit annoying.

The yarn is my own, Under An English Sky, which I dyed up about a year ago. I think I may have mentioned here or on my IG that this was actually a blue experiment which I hated so overdyed with yellow. The end result is rather nice I think.

And a bit of upcycling news...oh yes, we are knocking all sorts of long-awaited projects out through this forced time at home...

My darling husband refurbished our wrought iron garden set and did a stellar job!

So a bit of background story with this one...when we first moved to the UK, a wonderful Christian homeschooling family offered us their home to stay in as long as we wished (totally provided by God - amazing provision story). They had moved up to Scotland and their home was available. We lived in that lovely Victorian home for the first year. Well, in the back yard was this set that had fallen apart. The wrought iron was beginning to rust and the wood had all rotted away. 

We spoke to our (now) friends and asked them what they wanted to do with it. They recommended the recycling center. We asked if we could rather have it as DH is pretty handy and DIY and recycling things. We got their blessing.

DH spent a couple of weekends refurbishing the set and we have enjoyed using it over the past 9 years. It's weathered all sorts of typically English weather, rain, sun, and snow. However, the wood was all but rotted away and once again rust was beginning to show.

I just could not bear to part with it. Not only have we traipsed it around the country but it's a solid set which again, with a bit of TLC could keep going for another 9 years - hopefully.

So that's the rather sentimental story. Basically, I couldn't bear to part with it so hubby had to fix it and I'm thrilled with the result.

Right my lovelies, that wraps up another post for the week. This weekend is to be filled with more DIY/home decor projects so I'm sure that I'll have lots to share with you next week. 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend whatever you are planning to do.

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  1. beautiful socks! I have knit that pattern before and enjoyed it. I love the upcycling of your outdoor furniture

  2. What a wonderful story and so good that the set is going strong still. Its amazing what a little TLC will do. Love the socks.

  3. Gorgeous socks - love the colour. Sometimes mistakes turn out the best!

  4. Lovely socks and pattern. I like the yellow color of the yarn. Your husband did a great job on the DIY job on the outdoor furniture.

  5. What a lovely garden.*sigh* :)


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