Friday, May 18, 2018

A Bit of Friday Fun

This post BTW, has come about due to the number of times I've just 'had 'to snap a picture of how cute my kitty is. They say you are either a cat or a dog person. I'm definitely a cat person. I love their unique mostly aloof characters, and their little antics. 

The only antics I'm not a great fan of is when they bring in garden birds - that just makes me sad. Mice...sad and glad, depending on where they live.

We have mice in our roof and apart from them being annoying to listen to scampering about as you are trying to fall asleep, the thought of their trail of pee and poops in my roof is quite revolting.

However, I refuse to put down rat poison because I think it's cruel, ditto with traps, although I could do humane traps I suppose and release them to frolic in the fields ;) 

I briefly thought of allowing my cats free run of that area but conservation tendencies surfaced again and the thought of them playing 'cat and mouse' up there is a little traumatic. So while I'm no closer to a solution for the mice in the roof I am definitely certain that I probably would have made the most awful farmer. The Lord clearly knew what He was doing when He decided not to grant my desire to live off the land and grow my own food and meat!

Have a wonderful weekend all...enjoy watching the royal wedding, I know I will.


  1. Cute cat. I am no help with a solution for the mice, apart from humane traps.

  2. Hey, from one cat lover to another...I loved your cat photos! They do make the most adorable poses. Even a dog person would be crazy not to I think.


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