Saturday, November 11, 2017

A Seasonal Thought

I was cooking supper last night and this thought crossed my mind..."I've kept a blog for a long time, it's a pity that some of the posts capturing my thoughts over the years - thoughts that re-occur because, well, that's part of what makes me, me - are lost in time." 

On pondering this thought a little more an idea began to germinate. I think I'm going to do a 'Throwback Thursday' series. I will go back and re-post some of my more popular posts for a bit of a re-read. It will be rather interesting to see what my thoughts were X many years ago and if any new thoughts on the topic have cropped up.

So although it's not actually Thursday today I thought I would kick-off a little early with a seasonal thought I posted on in November 2013.  I feel exactly the same and I still walk through my home at this time of the year lighting candles and gently pondering while I do so 😊...

 September 2013 - With the sun slipping away earlier and earlier each day, I find myself walking around the house lighting candles. I can't do this in summer because you cannot see the gentle light from the candles in daylight.

So although I really do prefer longer days, I love how at this time of year I can add a bit of 'cosy' to my home.

Part of celebrating the seasonal year is looking what little ways you can bring the joy of the season into your home. When you are purposefully looking for these little ways, you find contentment right there, in the time and space that you are occupying.


  1. Amen!! I couldn't agree more and I do the very same. Usually. Because this year, this season, I've needed some reminder obviously. Thank you - for doing so.

    I love that whimsy - like.

    1. Thank You Bevy. This season I needed the reminder too! For some reason I have not been loving the early sunsets this year! I am looking for the silver lining - determined to love the time I'm in right now!

  2. What a lovely post! I, too, prefer the longer, brighter, warmer days of summer than the days of this season. But you are so right -- when we look for ways to add joy to the days we are living that moment, we find contentment.

  3. Love the last one! I've been turning on my candle warmer that casts a beautiful glow in the kitchen, oh so homey!!

  4. I love the throwback Thursday idea! All seasonal inspiration is good, in my humble opinion.

    Lovely candles. November and February are my favorite months, I think it's because of all the "possible cozy" I can enjoy!


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