Thursday, May 25, 2017

Spring Cleaning Chatter

What do you do when the sun is blazing down and the study blues begin to set in?

Go wild swimming of course. Isn't that one of the best things about homeschooling? This week has seen the start of exam season in our home which means we've had to deal with high levels of anxiety and focused study sessions, being able to leave that all and spend some time in nature is soothing and healing. The exams are going really well but that still does not take the nerves away for dd2. 

It seems this hot weather is not very agreeable for one of our cats. She keeps nestling into the shrubbery to cool down - she is so funny 😆

I, on the other hand, am taking full advantage of the warm weather and spent the morning catching up on a week's worth of laundry...

and washing all the downstairs curtains, the house smells super clean and fresh right now. 

I have a few 'spring cleaning' tasks to complete before we slip into summer. I don't usually 'plan' to do spring cleaning, it just kind of happens. I get this overwhelming urge to just get things done after the winter.

So far this is what I've done:

* Sorted the linen cupboard and thrown out or recycled duvet covers, pillow slips and sheets
* Purged clutter from the attic (it's such a great feeling leaving all my clutter at the recycling centre)
* Cleaned out all the kitchen cupboards, purging unwanted/unused things
* Donated unwanted books that were beginning to take over
* Sorted the dining dresser, purging and deep clean
* lifted the downstairs rugs, moved the furniture and thoroughly cleaned every corner of the living areas
* Sorted and purged the cupboard under the stairs - it's been transformed into my 'pantry'. British houses are small so a pantry is not a 'norm' in most houses. We have to be creative.
* Re-decorated and organised the school room - I will be sure to do posts on both the 'pantry' and the school room for you.
* Given the washing machine a good deep clean and refresh - it smells glorious (again, I'll do a post on how I did this)
* Washed all the blankets we snuggle under in the winter while watching telly downstairs, and packed them all away until the autumn.
* Washed all the downstairs curtains

Still to do:

* Steam clean all carpets (we will need more hot days for this)
* Upstairs curtains
* Clean all skirting boards throughout house and spot clean walls
* Closet purge and refresh for all of us
* Summerhouse clean and tidy.

So not much more to do. I do enjoy housekeeping and cleaning my home - you might find that strange, but the act of cleaning and organising keeps me connected to my home and more importantly, it's the way I create a safe and welcoming 'nest' for my family to come home to after a long day of work or college. So to take extra care and add special touches is something I enjoy doing.

So, over to you, do you do any spring cleaning in your home? Is it planned or more spontaneous like mine? I love the idea of planning my spring cleaning - there are so many lovely blogs that guide you through a top to bottom clean but I'm afraid that just does not work for me. I have to grab the time and opportunity as it presents itself.

Do you have any favourite homemade cleaning products that you use or is it store bought for ease? I kind of like making my own, not only is it economical but it is better for the environment.

Okay - I'm wrapping this post up now, it feels like it's getting a little long-winded 😅. Please do leave a comment on your own spring cleaning rituals.

Blessings to you all

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  1. So impressive! The sunlight looks so pretty and I envy your swimming - - it's needs to be just a bit warmer here for that to happen - but I live in hope ;)...

    Looking forward to the pantry/schoolroom/washing machine posts.

    Good luck on the exams! :)


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