Friday, September 02, 2016

Why...Hello September!

Yippee! September is here! I am definitely an autumn/winter lover and September marks the start of these wonderful two seasons.

My eldest daughter gets equally excited at the change of seasons this time of the year. Yesterday she woke up and bounced into my room saying, 'It's Autumn the 1st!' :) - funny girl.

So although it is the start of the meteorological autumn, the temperatures only really start to cool down around the equinox - which is the 23rd this year. So I'm holding out to decorating until then. Although...

I have bought my first two pots of 'mums' - I have another 4 pots that I want to purchase for the back garden - different colours of course. These ones were labelled as 'red' although this picture makes them look more pink - aren't they just beautiful? 

'Mums' in autumn - I simply cannot be without them.

Of course my front door display is not complete yet - we still have a wreath to hang and pumpkins to set out.

I've been busy working on some new autumnal stitchery's...

I'm so pleased with how each one turned out and I can't wait to add them to my autumn decor this year.

This little fox I stitched last year but only got round to finishing it up today. My youngest daughter gave me this frame as a gift about two years ago and I've been keeping it for just the right thing. I think that Mr. Fox looks wonderful in his new frame and I love how it turned out.

This little stitchery with Psalm 85:12 on it was such a quick stitch. I started it on Saturday last week and it was all finished by the next day. I really love finding ways to display scripture in my home.

Likewise this little stitchery with two little hedgehogs was a quick stitch - three evenings in front of the telly is all it took :) All these charts are completely free. You can find them on my Pinterest Board.

In the garden...

Finally! The sunflowers started to open this week. I'm sure it's kind of late for them to be doing that - aren't they supposed to be flowering early August? Oh well - at least they have bloomed.

They really are such a delight and make me feel happy every time I see them, especially on soggy wet days such as today!

Well I'm going to sign off on that bright sunny note - have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love your autumn decorating. The hedgies are so cute!

  2. Gorgeous! You are very talented :)

    I love Autumn too, you've inspired me to start pondering a little Fall decor - and to go mum shopping, that's first on the list!

    Enjoy every moment!

  3. I've decorated for fall, and yet it is another heat wave outside which I am skillfully ignoring :)


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