Thursday, September 08, 2016

Early Autumn Walk

It's a clear, warm but blustery day today. The wind blowing through the tree tops is dislodging leaves that are beginning to turn crisp and they are floating to the ground. Already my lawn is lightly littered with leaves. Looking back over my blog I know that by the early October the light leaf litter will become a barrage of leaves that carpet my garden and will keep me busy raking them all up every weekend. That reminds me...I must net my pond this month. Last year it got completely clogged with leaves. I ended up having to drain it to get all the sunken (stinky) leaf matter out, something I wish to avoid this year!

Anyhoo, with being such lovely weather today, I thought I would take you with me on a walk. We don't have to get in the car, just walk up my road and cross into Dartmoor National Park. Are you ready?

At this time of year the country roads are much narrower than they are in the winter. You see the hedgerows don't respect boundaries and they seem to delight in spilling over their borders. Butterflies, bees, hover flies and grasshoppers simply delight in the feast that the hedgerows offer and as I walk down the lane the grasshoppers sing and the butterflies flit from one flower to the next.

Let's pause a while on this little stone bridge. I quite like this view of the railway tracks cutting their way through the countryside. I am always reminded of that wonderful literary work, 'The Railway Children'. It would be such a delight to see a steam engine steam it's way along these tracks. There is something quite majestic, charming and nostalgic about steam engine's and I am glad that South Devon maintains and runs some steam engines nearby. I love watching them :)

As we walk along the lane a gateway gives us a peek into farmers field. He's been busy bringing in the harvest and most fields are looking like this now. The crows and other birds love it as they peck contentedly at whatever is left behind. It's the perfect country picture don't you think.

Come on then, lets leave the little lane and take a detour into the woodlands. It's quieter here - no passing cars, just the sound of the wind through the trees, the birds and hum of insects. 

It's peaceful, and I am once again reminded how therapeutic it is to get out and soak in God's creation. The words of the hymn 'This Is My Fathers World' fill my mind and I dare to sing them out loud as I walk along in my solitude. 

I am thrilled to see the tree tops turning shades of gold - this is a magical season and I love natures last flourish before settling down to rest for the winter. It's a short season and I intend to savour and enjoy each moment, each autumnal display, from it's very first to the last leaf before it dances it's way to the ground.

The blackberries are beginning to ripen, they should be ready to harvest now.

We are not the only ones who love this late summer/early autumn harvest, if you stand quietly and observe the blackberry clusters long enough, you will see that the insects just love the big black juicy berries too :)

As we follow the path through the woodland, children's shouts and laughter can be heard in the distance, they must be swimming in the river. This is a wonderful river with many safe pools to enjoy.

Soon we leave the woodland behind us and are heading back to my home - a cup of tea perhaps? I hope you enjoyed our little walk today, I know I certainly did. There's nothing quite like getting out in nature to 're-centre' :)

Blessings to you all...
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  1. Delightful :) I could take you on a similar walk in my neck of the woods across the pond - - - nature is glorious indeed!

  2. What a delightful walk! I felt as if I was right there beside you. Thank you for inviting me.

  3. Have recently stumbled upon your blog. Loved these photos and the walk you took your readers upon. Thank you:)

  4. How very, very lovely. Bliss!


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