Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Love Is .... Yarn and Knitting :)

I love knitting! I love yarn! Although I am a creative person and have dabbled in many different crafts, I have to say that knitting is by far my favourite. Yarn and needles are never far from my hand, and like most knitters, I always have more than one project on the go at any one time.

This past two weeks I have had two projects off the needles. The first was that pair of toe-up socks that I had been working on.

I really loved this method of knitting socks, I'm just not totally sold on the new heel I tried. I think it might take another pair of socks for me to decide fully :)

Another project off the needles ...

ANOTHER Baa-ble hat. This is the third one I have knitted, here's the scoop.

 My daughter wore her Baa-ble hat to a Bonfire Night get-together with their church youth group. Naturally she came home and everything, including this gorgeous little hat, smelled like a bonfire. I told her that we would need to hand-wash it as it has  very high wool content etc. Well... guess what happened? She forgot to separate the hat from the rest of her laundry and the whole lot was popped into the washing machine. When I unloaded the machine I found this mini teddy-bear size hat in the bottom of the machine. Arrrrggggg :(

DD was devastated and very apologetic of course, so out came the needles and yarn and for the third time, a Baa-ble hat was on the needles. :)

Lucky for me I really enjoy knitting this pattern and it is a quick knit.

New yarn added to the stash ...

These are the colours for DD 1's house slippers. I have yet to wind them into balls - which has to be done before knitting them up - it just looks like so much work! I'm seriously thinking of investing in one of those yarn winders!

Do you use little fabric project bags for you knitting projects? Well I've seen quite a few podcasters using them and thought that I wouldn't mind a few myself. What a great way to keep all your various projects contained. So last week I sewed up a couple of small bags for myself, and then a few more for my Etsy Shop. These little bags are the perfect size for sock, mitten or hat projects. I think I'm going to make a few bigger bags for those bigger projects. Each of my bags has a sweet little Polymer Clay charm made by my daughter.

New Things On The Horizon: In the new year I'm hoping to take Under An English Sky in a new direction. Not steering away from what I currently share here but rather adding to what I share. As I said above, I have a passion for knitting and yarn. I really want to try dabbling my fingers in a bit of Indie Dying. Yes, dying, knitting and selling my own yarn - it sounds like such fun! I think that my rather useless summer house might be good for this purpose. 

I also want to start a podcast. I've been wanting to do this for a while and have been experimenting a bit with recording and editing before going 'live'. It's rather a lot of fun, I can see why others do it. What do you think of podcasts? 

I don't often get time to just sit down and watch them but every time I have a marathon ironing session I catch up on my favourite podcasts - it makes ironing a much more pleasant task LOL.

Anyhoo, That about wraps up today's Yarn Along post. Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday...

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  1. oh dear, accidental felting is so annoying. I guess at least it wasn't a colourwork jumper or something! Love your socks :)

    I've only got a couple of podcasts I watch at the moment when bloggers I already follow start one so I'd definitely be interested in yours. Sounds like you're going to have a very creative 2016

  2. Great socks and the little project bags are adorable. I haven't come across podcasts, so not really sure of what they are but good luck with it anyway.

  3. Oh no, that's so heartbreaking about the hat! At least there's quite good chance it'll never happen again though - I know every time I do something stupid I remember it forever more haha! Love those socks, what gorgeous colours!

  4. Oh, No. Luckily it was "only" a hat. It's enough, I know, but it could have been worse!

  5. Yes, it has happened to me too, on the plus side there will be one lucky ted in your house. I do love that baa-ble hat pattern and have been considering knitting it myself. Love the socks too. Oo, lots of exciting plans you have!
    Caz xx

  6. if this pattern is worth knitting 3 times, surely i can get it knit once!!! I've had it on my to-knit pile for months!!! :) (Love your little bags!)

  7. that hat pattern is on my list of knitting to dos for me. After the holiday knitting. bummer about accidental felting.

  8. I am in love with that Baable hat! I made one and plan on making a few more for Christmas. I love your project bags. I have so many - it's hard to not buy any more!

  9. There is something so comforting about sitting knitting - your project bags are lovely xx

  10. Those socks are so pretty, and I love your Baa--ble! I really want to knit one... it's been on my to-do list for a while, but now I'm doing holiday knitting. Did you find something fun to do with the tiny felted hat?

  11. I look forward to all the new things you will have to share! Your socks and the hat are both fabulous! xx

  12. I was just looking at the baa-bbae hat before I popped over to your page! I love it. You've well practiced in making it now! What pattern are you using for slippers? I need to get some 220 because I've been looking at the "duffers" pattern on revelry for myself.

  13. Oh, so much goodness in one post! Your colorwork is really impressive - so neat and beautiful!

  14. Knitting is my favourite craft too, but i'm still to try toes up socks!
    Good luck with the yarn dying (i'm yet to try that too!)

  15. I really must try to knit a pair of socks, I keep saying I'm going to!
    The hat reminds me of a jumper my Mum knitted for me and by brother when we were little - happy memories :)

  16. You could easily make the felted hat into a tea cosy! Just cut a hole for the handle and for the spout in the appropriate place :)

  17. I am keen to see your dying in the new year. I have bought dyes and am about to start experimenting too.


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