Thursday, September 10, 2015

Puddles of Sunshine

How is it that only a cat can make a puddle of sunshine seem so inviting?


  1. I have a pug who thinks she is a cat…and does the same. They sure have the right idea!

  2. Made me smile, if only I could curl up on the mat for a nap....

  3. Because it is one of the *Duties* of being a cat!!!!! ,-)

    Oh what a pretty doorway, with a perfect little Autumn decoration.

    And the rug, in the 2nd photo, looks as if it will wear and wear and wear. Great!

    Hmmmm, do I notice things, or do I notice things???? -grin-

  4. Sun puddles are a great thing to be sat in aren't they!! xx

  5. My cat is doing the same thing as I type!

  6. I'm glad your friend is settling in so nicely :)

    Also, please tell your daughter that I have gifted her work to a dear friend who was absolutely floored by her craftsmanship. Or should I say crafstpersonship? Either way, they were much appreciated!


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