Friday, May 15, 2015

Planner Eye-Candy

As most of you know, I LOVE all things paper, stationary and planner! I just love organising my paper life and having it all made pretty :)

I prettify my planner pages, I prettify my Bible Study journal and I prettify my daily journal. Now I have been seeing some pictures flying around the planner community of the most adorable paperclips and charms. I had a browse through Etsy and could not for the life of me find anyone in the UK who makes and sells these cute little planner accessories so I asked my friends daughter who has been working with Femo clay for the last few years to make me two little doughnuts and three macaroons. 

She did a fantastic job as you can see. I hot-glued them onto some paper clips I had lying around and now I have the most adorable page markers for my planners.

After seeing these adorable little creations my daughter's creative juices started flowing. She is very creative and artistic and can do just about anything she turns her hand to. She bought some Femo polymer clay and started creating. I had a few more paper clip ideas for my homeschool planner so asked her to make me a little yellow school bus and a book. 

I now have the most adorably dressed homeschool planner ever :)

She's made me a few cute little charms which I'm waiting for her to put together for me. I'll be sure to show you when it's done. Her sister had seen a cute little macaroon (all the rage) bracelet at Claire's and asked if she could replicate something similar - and she did!

Isn't it just adorable? Needless to say our list of things we would love is growing and news is spreading. The lady at the library has asked her to make a few paper clips and bring them in so that she can buy a few - she's thrilled of course :)

Well everyone, I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend. I'm not sure I'll squeeze in another post before we leave for Scotland so I shall wish you a wonderful next week too and see you back here after Scotland :)

Blessings to you all...


  1. How wonderful, love the idea of paperclips. Maybe this is a good business opportunity if there is nothing on out there be the first. Have a great holiday.

  2. They are lovely - what a wonderful idea, You must take this forward I feel it would be popular xxx


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