Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Back From Scotland

Oh my! What fun we had up in the Scottish Highlands. It truly is a beautiful part of the world. I thought that I would share just a few photo's of our trip, there are tonnes more if you are interested in my Flickr albums - link on the right sidebar.

Right! We are ready to sail

Happy Girls

Loch Ness
Urquhart Castle on Lock Ness

About the Closest We Got To Seeing 'Nessie'
A Beautiful Tranquil Morning At Fort Augustus

Waiting our turn to go into the lock

Laggan Canal

Berthed at Laggan Locks - our turning point

Our home for 4 days

This sweet little swallow perched for a rest on our boat. There were SO many swallows up there!

Now I would love to hang around here a bit more but as you can imagine I have loads of washing and housework to catch up on! So I shall bid you farewell for today and see you back here very soon :)


  1. I have never been to Scotland which I must put right one day soon. Your photos are lovely. xx

  2. Looking forward to seeing more holiday shots, looks like you had a wonderful time. Its one of my favourite places to be the Islands and Highlands, we dream of moving to the Isle of Lewis maybe one day...

  3. So beautiful... Scotland is high on our wishlist!

  4. What fabulous pics! Welcome back - it sounds like a lovely, relaxing holiday. You can see now why they call it Bonnie Scotland ;-)
    Have a happy weekend hope you get caught up with the laundry etc soon! xx

  5. Lovely photos! Always dreamed of living in the Highlands....

  6. Oh lovely - I adore the Highlands of Scotland especially Glencoe x


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