Friday, May 01, 2015

And Hello May!

Hello and a very happy May Day to you all. We  have a lovely long weekend stretching out before us with Monday being a Bank Holiday here in England. Yay! 

As you can see my new month at-a-glance already has some drawings in it. Tomorrow we are going to the sort-of nearby Drayton Manor Theme Park to celebrate DD#2's birthday. Her birthday was in February but with everything being rather frozen here in the Northern Hemisphere the park was not open until April, or could have been mid-March, I'm not entirely sure, anyhoo... the park is what she wanted to do for her birthday this year. So today I shall be packing a feast to take with us and we (when I say we and actually don't mean me - I'm not really a rides person) shall enjoy a day subjecting ourselves to being pulled up high in the air and then plunged down to earth etc. Sounds fab doesn't it? :)

On Sunday we are going on a bluebell walk and picnic with our church family to the nearby woodlands. It looks like it's going to rain on Sunday but lets hope the rain only arrives in the evening! On Monday the girls are off on a day-long ringing tour of church towers in the Peaks.

 Hmm, I wonder what hubby and I should do? I'm sure we shall find somewhere nice to visit. I've just renewed our National Trust membership so I think we will find a lovely property to amble through.

Other things to look forward to this month:

*A BBQ party for DH and DD#1

*My own birthday

*A trip to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne on the way home

*Two Bank Holidays

* Half-Term Break

*England Votes on the 7th

*Mothers Day, South Africa, Australia, USA and Canada

*Ascension Day on the 14th

* Whit Sunday (Pentecost) on the 24th

*And of course the ever lengthening days

After doing some necessary shopping errands today, I think I will spend the afternoon baking. I have got the urge to bake a lemon drizzle cake for some reason!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone. See you back here very soon.


  1. Oh, you have some wonderful things planned for this most beautiful month! How I envy your location and what your National Trust membership can bring you! :) Did you make the cake? It sounds wonderful.

  2. What lovely plans - I hop eyou are enjoying the bank holiday weekend my friend. Thank you so so much for your wonderful gift - I shall treasure it. Once my kitchen is re-decorated it will have pride of place. Bless you sweet friend. xxx

    1. You are very welcome ;) I hope you had a wonderful day.


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