Thursday, April 30, 2015

Goodbye April...

Well it's been a month packed with activity and celebrations, (unseasonably) warm, dry weather and the Lords many blessings. I have loved every minute of April. I've loved watching spring waltz in and have enjoyed watching the spring behaviour of the birds that visit my garden. Sadly less of them are visiting the feeders now as there is more food available for them out in the countryside.

Farewell April ... until next year :)
I have been using this month at-a-glance calendar in my Midori Travelers Notebook to note down little things that have been happening in our month. The idea is to draw a little picture in majority of the blocks - I think it would make a great keepsake and would be fun to look through in years to come. 

I've moved my daily diary back into my Filofax as I found that it just works better as my daily organiser - perhaps another post on reaching my 'planner peace' is in order. I have a comfortable system (that does not leave any of my planners out in the cold lol) that I've been using for a few weeks now and it seems to be keeping me 'in check'.

Today I received some 'Happy Mail' from the postie, I treated myself to a brand new Bible and it arrived today!

Over the years I have bought special Bibles for my husband and each of the girls. My own Bible is a much loved and used copy of The Living Bible. It's looking decidedly tatty and worn (which is the best way for it to be I think). I saw the Holman Rainbow Study Bible on a blog and loved that it was colour-coded. 

BTW, I feel so blessed that we have more than one Bible to our name, I don't have to hide it away, every member of our household can have their own, mark it, make notes in it and read it anytime they wish. We are blessed - BLESSED - to live in a free country. Please remember to pray for the persecuted church, there are many of our brothers and sisters in Christ who are not as lucky as we who live in free countries.

I've often thought how wonderful it would be if you could see at a glance what was prophecy, what was related to family, faith etc. I have been using Women Living Well's SOAK method and Bible colouring chart for a bit (which I love) and colour-coding my own reading (and I will continue to do this in my Living Bible), but if I just want to read scripture and see at a glance the topics and themes it addresses, this is the way to go.

At the bottom of each and every page you have a colour-code key, so there is no paging backwards to see what, for example, 'purple' means. If you are keen on a more in-depth review let me know in the comments and I shall put something together for you.

Okay, so what was supposed to be a short 'goodbye April' post seems to have morphed into something much more lol. I shall be back tomorrow with a look at the new month ahead. There's lots happening and lots of opportunities to celebrate the month and the season in our homes. Until then, have a lovely day.


  1. Well somewhere over the Rainbow there was a Bible.... My Bible of 15 years looks like a rainbow Bible, however I wasn't always careful with the pens, and some bled through....but I dearly love that Bible.

  2. IMHO, the more worn a Bible is the better. My cover is beginning to tear so I bought a Bible cover to put it into. I've often thought about getting a new Bible but I love seeing the notes and underlining in my old one. I do have a Bible on my Kindle that I read when I just want to read it.

  3. My own bible is getting to the stage where it is unreadable, tatty and worn but definitely loved.

  4. Hello Shirley,
    I must have missed this post at the time, but I would certainly like to see more of this bible if and when you have time ;)


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