Monday, April 27, 2015


A few snapshots from our weekend.

An updated photo of the girls for Grandma. We had a double birthday on Sunday, DH and eldest DD. Such a lovely day spent together. A trip out into the Peaks for lunch and then a slow meandering drive back home. 

A mid-shopping coffee break on Saturday.

We had to stop and take a picture of the Oil Seed Rape fields that are in full bloom at the moment. I can't begin to tell you how heady the fragrance is from this magnificent crop! 

And a little bundle of cuteness! She absolutely LOVES this little kitty tunnel, it makes her so happy. She crawls inside and loud purrs can be heard across the room lol.

Hope your week is off to a fantastic start!


  1. Wonderful birthday memories to treasure. I love to see the rape seed fields in full bloom I am surrounded by them at the moment.

  2. Beautiful girls! We are surrounded by fields of yellow here too but I haven't got round to taking a single shot yet. Your kitty reminds me so much of the one I had as a girl, full of character and playful. xx

  3. What beautiful daughters you have. Lovely big smiles x

  4. happy birthday to your daughter and husband! Love the photo of the two of them, so beautiful and getting older.

  5. A belated happy birthday to Trevor and Vicks. The girls are looking so grown up !


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