Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Happy Homeschool Moments

I don't often post about our homeschooling anymore, there's not much to post about. We have moved out of those 'lap-booking and hands-on' days. The girls are much more independent in their studies and our schooling has become allot more bookish - which is a natural process as you move into the high school years.

Even though our learning days look a bit different, there are still little 'happy moments' to be found. Here are a few from last week...

Working busily on our workbooks in the sunny conservatory. (excuse the washing please - the outside line was full up :)

A nature walk squeezed in after lessons.

A new addition to our rather neglected nature table. Now that the earth is awakening under the gentle spring sunshine, there is more to see and new additions to be made to our table.

A homeschool planner reflecting full learning days.

It's another gorgeous day in England today and I'm hoping to get the girls out and enjoying a lovely countryside walk :) I have a feeling that the Bluebells are close to blooming! Happy Tuesday to you all...


  1. Happy Tuesday to you too. The bluebells are blooming here, a truly beautiful sight.

  2. your girls are growing up quickly and I love that spring has sprung :)

  3. I am so happy Spring is here - lovely picture of your girls xx

  4. Lovely :) I need to reboot our Spring nature table too. There's nothing blooming here to bring in at the moment, hopefully soon! I am longing for some yellow.

    These are the moments that make it all worthwhile I think. Days of gentle learning, sweet seasons and togetherness. Thank you for sharing your day. :)


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