Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Check-In :)

Hello and happy Monday to you all!

First up - look what bloomed over the weekend...

Aren't they just gorgeous! Spring is definitely springing :) 

This morning we started off with a bit of sunshine which was lovely, although it clouded over as the day progressed, but starting off with sunshine streaming through the {clean!} windows is always enough to put me in a good mood.

I've brought a few twigs of Magnolia indoors, I'm hoping that they will open up by the end of Holy Week - which is next week already - and give us their beautiful pink display of delicate flowers.

This morning I was having a look at our schedule for this week and next and was pondering on how quickly Lent has passed by. Our weeks are particularly busy at the moment as DD2 has a major dancing production that they are preparing for. It runs throughout Holy Week which is a bit of a pain as it is already a week with lots going on. It would have been nice if they week-long production was in the 2nd week of the Easter holidays ;)

With everything feeling very 'spring-ish' around here, I was inspired to put up a few Easter decorations. I know that it's perhaps a bit early but I do love my Easter tree and and bunting and quite fancy having them on display for a bit longer than a week. 

The mantle will be decorated a bit more over Holy Week
For this years Easter tree I spray-painted a few twigs, hung our usual white and yellow decor eggs on it's branches and added a new set of yummy edible eggs - which the girls can add to their Easter-egg stash on Easter morning.

Of course a couple of those little speckled eggs went 'missing' during the filling process ;)

Well I hope your week is off to a magnificent start! I'll see you back here very soon. 


  1. Beautiful looking Easter tree and I love the magnolia.

  2. I love Spring, your decorations are so pretty xx

  3. It's looking wonderful at your house. Love those daffodils And your Easter Tree is so cute.

  4. Oh, you are just WEEKS ahead of us with your weather! We had snow again overnight. Your daffodils are so cheering and I love your Easter tree. Looking forward to some of that spring color popping up over here in Minnesota soon!

  5. We are still having snow flurries every now and again too, but my daffodils and tulips are nearly 10cm out of the ground now :)
    I hung my Easter tree with eggs this morning, and shall put up my spring bunting and wreath next. Every sunshiny day is a blessing.

  6. We have tken some willow branches inside as well. Will hang some eggs on them soon. Great idea to fill the see-through eggs with candy eggs!

  7. Everything looks lovely Shirley xx


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