Thursday, March 19, 2015

Bits n' Pieces

Brrrrr! We had a frosty start to the day yesterday. I do love the pretty patterns that Jack Frost paints :)

The daffodils were kind enough to keep their blooming until we returned from Devon. They look a bit sad under the weight of the frost, but they soon perked up once the sun came out and melted all the frostiness away. They are perfectly on time I have to say - what with the official start of spring on Friday :)

And they are not the only ones peeking out... 

My Camellia's are beginning to open up.

My lovely friend Michelle sent me these beautiful daffodils that she knitted herself...

Aren't they just gorgeous? I just love them and think that they are just perfect on my dresser. I love that these will never fade and die - 'forever' daffodils :)

 If you are a yarn-aholic like me you must drop on over to Michelle's new yarn store African Yarns. Oh my goodness -they are just beautiful. It's wonderful that you can get these beautiful hand-crafted yarns right here in England. 

Years ago, before we moved to England, I was lucky enough to attend the opening and launching of Nurturing Fibres. Carle's yarn is just beautiful. I bought some hand-dyed sock yarn and made this beautiful shawl for my step-mother.

This pictures are almost 4 years old now - I can't believe how much my youngest has grown since then! Anyhoo, it's these lovely African Nurturing Fibres yarns that you can now buy through Michelle. I believe she has already had orders from the States. Yes - she ships to the United States too!

On the home front - my cleaning routine is working wonders! It is so much easier to attack jobs a bit at a time rather than all at once. Yesterday I managed to do a couple of windows in a little 10 minute time slot that I found during the day. 

This weeks Midori diary page...

its all about St. Pats of course. Each little bullet under the 'To Do' and 'Prayer' list is a little clover :). I also have a list of books that I want to get hold of that a friend recommended to me, the meal plan was incomplete at the time of the photograph but it's all been updated since.

I think that about wraps up this little 'bits n' pieces' post. I hope that Thursday is treating you all well and I hope to see you back here soon.


  1. What a beautiful gift, those daffodils, perfect display for this time of year. I too have been busy on the spring cleaning this week.

  2. Bless you sweet Friend I am so glad they made you happy. I love love the Shawl and thank you for your kind comments about the Yarn - it is indeed lovely xx


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