Tuesday, February 17, 2015

UAES Etsy Shop Open!

Happy Pancake Day! Yes it is Shrove Tuesday already and we stand at the very beginning of Lent. All our meals today have a pancake theme. For lunch we had chicken salad wraps, for supper we are having pancakes bolognese (mince in pancakes) topped with a cheese sauce {highly fattening!} and for dessert we are having ice-cream and chocolate sauce filled pancakes.

As promised the sun has finally peeked out from behind the clouds. It is simply glorious here and right after this post I am heading out for a nice long walk to soak in the sunshine and breath in the crisp fresh air - mmmmmm, lovely!

With the day considerably brighter than it has been I was able to photograph my bunting for my Etsy store. I have also given it a bit of a spring spruce up with a new banner...

I have listed three strings of bunting so far - it's a start - and I hope to spend the rest of this week sewing and crocheting up some more.

Here's a string of crochet bunting I made in the summer...

I love how it turned out. I had made myself a string years ago but needed to tweak the finishing touches - which I have done with this string. It has a sturdier string at the top and I added little crochet circles at each end for convenient hanging.

Then there are two strings of spring inspired bunting, each is 3 m long and has 7 double-sided pennants.  

I'm really hoping that the Etsy store will take off - if not, it's back to listing on Ebay which is where I had much more success in the past. I might just list them there anyway. But - if any of you have a successful Etsy store I would love to hear your tips on achieving success. This is simply a little hobby for me, not a means of income. I love the thrill of someone buying my bunting and the thought of it hanging in their home. So any tips welcome.

Right, I'm going to love and leave you for now, my walking shoes are calling :)


  1. Those are beautiful! Good luck!!

  2. I have had my Fasnacht (or two) for the day - for the same reason... Shrove Tuesday. or Fat Tuesday as it is sometimes called here.
    We've had an overnight snowstorm which called for NO school! And, it's "donut" day... as well as, National Random Acts of Kindness day... so, I took my kids sledding this morning. They're probably be a post about this day - coming soon! :)

    Yeah for your Etsy store... I like my etsy -- that is all I've ever used... and I'm okay with it being a "slow" store for me.. otherwise, I'd never be able t keep up. I hope it does well for you. You're buntings look lovely!


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