Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lenten Calendar and Plans

Today is Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent. I always like to have a little Lenten path, a calendar of sorts to follow in our home. It helps to see how far we have to go and how far we have come. It's a sort of advent calendar but for Lent. 

In the past I have used Catholic Icings Free calendar. It's a great calendar but we have used it two years running now and I felt that it was time for a change.I also wanted something that was a little more 'grown up' and more suitable to my teen daughters. I searched high and low for something but came up empty handed, so what do you do if you cannot find what you are looking for? Well you put something together yourself :)

Here is my own spin on a Lenten path calendar...

You can download a copy of my Lent Calender for 2015 if you wish. It has all the feast days within the Lenten period and Holy Week is highlighted in purple.

I'm quite keen to do as many activities as possible from the 40 Acts website - another Lenten calendar of sorts but full of practical things to do throughout Lent.

Some of the plans that I have to mark the feast days are:

* Bake a daffodil cake for St. Davids Day - patron saint of Wales and have Leek and Potato Soup for lunch that day

*Simnal Cake for Laetare Sunday (Rose Sunday and the 4th Sunday in Lent)

* Passion Fruit Cheesecake for Dessert on Passion Sunday

I have a couple of crafty things that look like fun to do over this period too:
Photo Credit: Happy Home Fairy. Link to post 'Resurrection Garden Link'

* Chocolate Making

* Decorating an Easter Tree (I do this each year)

2014's Easter Tree
I also have quite a few ideas on my 'Easter/Lent' and 'All Things Spring' Pinterest boards that are tempting me at the moment - mainly in the pot plant department!

So do you have any plans for Lent? I would love to hear them if you do :)

Have a super day all...


  1. I love what you do for Lent. Your calendar is just wonderful. I was raised Baptist, and my husband and I were in ministry in different Christian Churches for 50 years, but in my personal devotions, I have love and observed the Easter Season and Lent. This year I have my own plan, and shared it on my blog today.
    I love your pictures and how you make it such a meaningly and thoughtful observance for your girls.

  2. Thank you for sharing your plan and links. We love this time of the year and are always looking for new ideas. Like you, I don't have little children anymore, my youngest is nearly 12.


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