Monday, October 20, 2014

Home Blessings

Red sky in the morning .... sailors warning!

It was a beautiful sunrise this morning, but I knew it wouldn't last. When the sky is all lit up like this in the morning rain and gloomy skies are sure to follow. We haven't had a huge amount of rain but gloomy skies are in abundance :)

However, gloomy skies don't often get me down. I really like the rain and the coziness of being indoors and busying myself with something lovely and creative to do - when I'm not teaching the girls of course.

Today we had a day off - getting back into the saddle of things after my mother-in-law flew back to South Africa on Saturday. I had quite a bit of lesson planning that HAD to be done followed with a bit of shopping. Both tasks were completed by 12h30, which left me a bit of stitching time.

These cute little hanging decorations came as a freebie in October's Cross-Stitcher magazine. I was thrilled with these as I had pinned something similar onto my cross-stitching Pinterest board. I loved stitching these little woodland creatures and plan to stitch the rest of the little folk soon. I'm thinking that they would look ever so cute on the Christmas tree this year.

Another finish - this cute little kitty playing in the snow with her robin friend. A freebie (I have many of them) from one of my favourite mags last year - or was it the year before? Hmmm, well either way it is now complete. I don;t think I will be sending it as a card as it is just too cute. I'm thinking that it would look lovely in a little frame and displayed in my home over the festive season.

Another magazine freebie completed and mounted into it's little card. This one is so cute and most certainly will make a lovely addition to a gift for someone special. Not sure who yet so I will pop it away somewhere safe for next years birthday rounds :)

Lastly, in the kitchen I've been doing a bit of bulk cooking for the freezer. I popped yesterdays roast chicken carcass in the crock-pot with carrots, leeks onions and various herbs and spices and let it simmer on low overnight to make a delicious stock. This will form the base of a lovely pot of soup later on in the winter.

Yorkshire puddings - loads of them. I usually make about two dozen at a time and simply pop them in the freezer once they have cooled. They keep beautifully and all you need to do is pop them in the oven for the last 5 to 8 minutes of your roasts cooking time to heat and crisp up. Delish!

That's about it for today's round-up of ordinary living :) Hope that you have all had a super start to your week.

Blessings to you all....


  1. Wonderful makes, I love the woodland creatures perfect for the Christmas tree. I love the idea of making Yorkshire puddings for the freezer. Have a great week.

  2. Love those hearts with woodland animals - gorgeous!! Not tried yorkshire puddings yet ;-)

  3. I did not know you could freeze yorkshire pudding....good to know! love the little fox and hedgehog ornaments so adorable.

  4. Can you post or private message me the recipe for your Yorkshire puddings? Also is there a way I can get the patterns for the six wee little winter animals for ornaments? I live in the US and the cost for even a 6 month subscription is incredibly EXPENSIVE... although I believe its a great magazine and would love to get it. I'm a senior on a very fixed income and can't afford to spend that much. I'd be willing to pay for cost for mailing of a copy of the patterns.

    1. Hello Patsy Anne, Of course I would be happy to scan and send the patterns to you. Can you email me at and we can chat.

  5. I would love to have your Yorkshire pudding recipe! Thank you for another lovely and inspiring blog post.


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