Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hello! Are You Loving Autumn So Far?

Oh it is good to be back here at Under An English Sky. I've missed writing, missed recording our days and missed being here!

Have you been loving autumn? I have. I love when I drive around on my errands how the leaves fall from the trees littering my way. I love how I can smell wood-smoke in the evenings, how the nights are cool enough to give me an excuse to fill a hot water bottle and snuggle under the covers.

I thought that I would share a few touches that I have added to our home to bring a little of that autumn loveliness indoors.

This is what my mantle looks like right now...

Tiny pumpkins bought at the grocery store - perfect for the mantle. A vase of berries picked and clutches of cones gathered whilst on a walk recently.

This years new addition is a flower fairy string of scalloped bunting.

Oh and little tea lights - as the days draw in I love lighting candles around the house, it all adds to the cozy atmosphere

On the hearth is a vase of leaves and berries again picked on a nature walk. I have hung my pumpkin cross-stitch sampler too. 

On the coffee table is a little display of apples, some in knitted cozy's, cones and more berries. I have not found any acorns on the trees thus far - I can only think it is because they put out such a show last autumn and are recuperating.

On my kist which serves as an occasional table we have a jar stuffed with cones and trimmed with garden twin and some owl feathers we found while at a recent visit to the Chestnut Centre.

And another few touches on another occasional table in the lounge area.

A little fabric cob and an autumn message in a frame.

The kitchen windowsill has my new little stitched cushion displayed on it - that's the only real addition there.

And last but not least, I have strung up a garland of autumn leaves that I found in a gift shop on my teapot display shelf. 

So there we are, a few very economic but fun and cheerful touches to celebrate autumn.

Blessing to you all today...


  1. We have no acorns in Norway either (at least not round us!) so I have been hunting in Somerset where there were none to be found where I was either! I have finally found some Holm Oak trees which were covered in lovely acorns:) Success at last.

  2. Lovely pumpkins Shirl. And the rest of your decorations are just lovely too.:-)

  3. Lovely Shirl! Autumn is so beautiful here, we are loving it! xxx

  4. I do love this time of year, I've decorated a while ago (beginning of sept). I am really happy that the outside weather is matching my inside displays! Love the house tour :)

  5. Beautiful!! And yes... I am enjoying the signs of autumn - everywhere!!!

  6. Lovely Autumn décor I particularly love the scalloped bunting it was delightful.

  7. I love all the Autumn touches you have added to your home. You are very talented, it has inspired me to try and embrace the season more. I am very much a summer person and I have been really feeling these dark nights and mornings. I also love candles they really cheer up a room. xx


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