Thursday, September 04, 2014

Rusk Recipe

One of my dear readers asked me to share the recipe for rusks - a popular South African (from our Afrikaans dutch roots) sort of biscuit. These are very firm to hard and ideal for dunking in your morning (or anytime) coffee/tea.

I know that a few English friends of mine struggle to understand what's so amazing about this 'biscuit', but if you are up for something a little different, definitely yummy, from another culture why not give it a go? And if you are interested in where it comes from you can read about it here :)

Buttermilk Rusks

1.5 kg Self-raising Flour
500 g Margarine or butter
4 eggs
pinch of salt
3 Tblsp Oil
2 cups white sugar
500 ml Buttermilk
Raisins, seeds and nuts optional

Rub margarine into flour and sugar. Beat eggs and add to buttermilk and oil and mix into flour. Mix well. Make into balls (golf ball size is good) and place on a greased pan. Bake at 180 deg C for roughly an hour. Cut up and when cool, dry in oven overnight at 100 deg C

I usually half the recipe as it yields a HUGE quantity and I struggle with drying space in the oven and then storage space. Half the mixture yields about 45 - 50 rusks. I also love to add the seeds, raisins and nuts - sometimes oats too. They never last long in my home :) - in fact it's time I bake another batch soon!

Blessings to you all...

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  1. sounds intriguing and delicious and I learned something new!!


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