Monday, September 08, 2014

And So It Begins...

... the autumn touches added here and there to my home. Here's what you will see if you popped by for a visit...

A friend gave me an old blackboard she had hanging around that was destined for the bin. However, I love blackboards and knew that I would find a use for it. I hadn't thought about using it as a decor item though until I saw a couple of blackboard variations used in autumn welcome displays on Pinterest - It all fell right into place from there :)

I had DH drill holes (he thought I was quite mad until he saw the final result lol), and got Miss V-L to do a bit of blackboard art for me. She copied the same message I have in the entrance hall (see further on) so it all ties in quite nicely.

I added all the final touches - berries, cones and dried teasel heads.

My mum's have been firmly installed in their regular autumn place - flanking the front door. I went for the same burnt oranges as last year - I love the colour so much. I briefly considered some dark purple ones, in fact I may go back and buy two pots of them to flank the conservatory doors.

Just inside the front door the book dresser has a few touches - these will be developed as we move further into autumn.

Here's the little printed off autumn art I was talking about at the beginning of the post with a little jar of roses and rose-hips from the garden.

A little string of acorns I knitted last year and my copy of 'Autumn Story'.

In the lounge resting on the top of my kist, I have printed off some autumn art and popped it into an inexpensive frame. The pumpkins I knitted last year draw your attention to the autumn message. 

My kitchen windowsill is has it's first touches too - more to come as the season wears on. Right now I have a white pillar candle which is lit in the early evening. Another printed off autumn art message in a frame and a small glass bowl of apples off our tree.

Still to come ... Lounge and fireplace mantle, conservatory, more touches in the kitchen, the school room and our bedroom :)

Do you decorate your home for the season? Have you started adding autumn touches yet? I would love to see if you have - feel free to leave a link here on my blog or on my FB page :)

Now I'm off - we are back to school this week and lessons are about to begin! :)


  1. Your Autumn décor is looking beautiful. I have added a wreath and some Autumnal coloured flowers so far.

  2. Lovely photos as always, dear Shirley.

  3. So far I have a pot of maroon coloured mums on the side porch, and I have strewn some little gourds and baby pumpkins all over the house. I do this every year and my husband always thinks it's so silly - but I love those cute miniature pumpkins!

    We also grew pumpkins and squash in our garden this year, and they are almost ready to harvest. When I pick them I'll put them on our front porch, and I'll hang some red Indian corn that I bought on the front door. (We grew some purple popcorn too, so maybe when I harvest it I'll hang up a few cobs of it somewhere too.)

    1. That sounds lovely Laura. Over the weekend I spotted teeny pumpkins in our local grocery store and snapped two up for my fireplace mantle. I wish I could find some red Indian corn but so far I have never been able to find it here in the UK. Thanks for sharing what you've been doing for your fall decor ;)

  4. Look at you!! You are ready for fall... love all the little touches!!

  5. Lovely to see all your home making, Shirl. I dash about these days, meeting myself coming back, so have no time, as I had in the past, for too many homely touches any more. However, I put all my energies into Christmas and it is SO nice to have it here at the Lodge where we are full with guests who appreciate a summer Christmas and all the trimmings:)xxxx

  6. I love to decorate for the fall! I have places that I place some pumpkins and different runners with fall leaves on the print. Love the entrance to your home!


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