Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Solstice and Other Things...

Yay! It is official, summer is here and we have been having some lovely warm weather in our neck of the woods of late.

Just as well as we have had family visiting from Canada and therefor lots and lots of sightseeing has been happening!

We have visited amazingly beautiful places, seen a 1000 year old oak tree in Sherwood forest, walked through the ancient streets of York which has to be one of the most beautiful cities in England! We have loved being together, it does not happen often so we soak up every minute that we can :) (you can see loads more pics on my Flicker page - link in my sidebar to the right)

Today we said goodbye, and I have been pottering about revealing in doing my little homey things. A few things that I am loving right now...

This sweet bunch of summer flowers sitting on the hearth.

Thoughts of sitting quietly in my conservatory for an hour reading through some of my favourite magazines.

This sweet little 'Church Mouse' candlestick holder I bought from the lovely little Medieval church we visited in York. The idea is that it would make the perfect little holder to hold the girls Baptism candles that we light each year on their individual Baptism anniversary's.

And finally, my Opium Poppies are in bloom. I love their delicate colour and their huge blooms. So pretty.

Have a lovely peaceful weekend all ;o)


  1. Hello Shirley Ann! Love all these pics~ you look like you had a wonderful time with your company :) Your opium poppies are gorgeous! They remind me of peonies but even more delicate....I inherited the garden we have now and there are a few flowers I keep reminding myself that I must add.These might go on the list!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. looks like fun and I bet it was probably fun coming home sweet home.


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