Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer in England Means...

Country and County Fairs!

Today we visited our own County's fair as a family. Initially I didn't think we would make is as two members of our family have come down with head colds and are not feeling their best. But they bravely decided that they would still go - and as it turns out they were glad that they did :o)

We arrived around 11 am, things had been going on since 8am already. Much to my horse-mad daughter's delight we walked in right where they were showing all the horses...

Horsey heaven for sure :o) (notice the judge with his perfectly English bowler hat)

We then strolled over to the livestock section - I love this section. We watched the cattle in the show ring, petted the goats and ooh-ed and aah-ed over the sheep.

The day was perfect (if not a little too warm!) and the atmosphere festive.

We escaped the heat and found a shady spot next to a small stream, we sat and lay in the coolness while our daughters strolled over to the horse eventing arena to watch the show jumping.

We then moved on to see the 'feathers and fur tents' where all manner of ducks, birds and chickens, bunnies and guinea pigs were being shown. This is our youngest daughters favourite part.

This chap is quite impressive don't you think? He won 1st in his class!

After meandering through various displays, craft tents and watching a dog show and a wonderful horsemanship show in the centre ring, we slowly made our way to the exit.

What a lovely day out in the English Countryside! :o)

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  1. Wonderful! I've never visited England in the summer, but I'd love to, so I could visit a fair or two, myself. My younger daughter is horse-mad, too, since she was tiny. She's been riding hunt seat ("English") since she was five and she's now 13 with her own pony, which she shows in riding competitions. Anyway, it looks like you had a fabulous day!


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