Thursday, June 26, 2014

June is the month of Roses...

Did you catch my update on my veggie patch over at The Garden Diary yesterday? Not all my gardening posts will be there, after all, Under An English Sky is all about living and learning at home. My garden brings joy and peace into my life and the flowering plants in particular at to the celebration of home.

So would you like to take a quick stroll around my garden with me? Good, lets go.

The Hydrangea bush in the back garden that stands just beyond the veggie patch looks like it is going to yield an abundance of flower heads this year. I love Hydrangeas, they are so pretty in summer - and in winter with their dead flower heads covered in frost.

My own cuttings I took last fall are now ready to find a 'forever' home in the garden. They seem to be happily blooming away in their pots for now...

The Blackberry brambles are in bloom. This makes me so happy whenever this season rolls in. The insects love buzzing about their pretty delicate flowers and I love the thought of juicy blackberries a few months down the line!

These little daisy plants were planted up in pots next to my front door last summer. They thrived for a bit but then seemed to get scraggy and looked rather unhappy. So last Fall I took them out of their pots and popped them into this little bed that runs along the side of the conservatory. I held little hope for them if I am honest, but look at them now!

Have a delightful dog rose at the end of my drive, and at the moment it is in full bloom and looking lovely!

It's pretty and simple blooms are a joy!

Along the back wooden fence that separates us from our neighbours old barn, I have a rather pitiful climbing rose producing a few blooms. It looks like it needs a jolly good prune, hopefully that will produce a more lush looking healthy bush next year. For now, I quite like the look of it's pretty magenta blooms against the washed, sun-bleached wooden fence.

Summer in England is good! :o)

Hope you all have a lovely peaceful Thursday.


  1. You have all my favorite flowers! :)

  2. SO enjoyed your garden tour!


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