Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Yarn Along :: Knit 1, Pray 1

A quick nip in today to join in with Ginny's Yarn Along.

I have started a sweet little jacket for Baby Emily. She has now had her second in-utero blood transfusion and her mum has had cortisone injections to help develop Baby Emily's lungs. So far so good. The doctors are hoping to do one more transfusion next week and then deliver her two weeks after that. This means that at best she will be delivered at 32 weeks. We continue to pray for her safety and keep hope that she will be okay.

Reading: I have just finished off a Hamish Macbeth mystery by M.C Beaton. These books make for very light and fun reading - just what is needed for a bit of holiday reading :o)


  1. What a sweet jacket. My niece is 32 weeks now as well and my sis-in-law keeps having contractions. They are trying to get her to 37 weeks. I'll say prayers for both those little ones to have healthy deliveries.

  2. Lovely knitting. Hope all continues to go well for Baby Emily and that she arrives safely.

  3. Beautiful-praying that all goes well for Baby Emily and her Mum.

  4. Baby Emily continues to be in my prayers, she will look beautiful in your hand knit :)


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