Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pottering About the Garden...

We have had the most lovely days this past week. The sun has been shining, the sky's mostly blue and temperatures warming up - although not quite warm enough for me to go without a sweater.

With such lovely weather I have spent lots of time in the garden - which is really great for my garden as it was looking sorely neglected!

All the vegetable patches are now weed free. I moved this rather run-down but rustic little bird feeder to the corner of one of the beds and have planted sweet-peas around it's base. The idea is (all going well) that the sweet-peas will climb and trail over it in the summer.

I did some potting on...

Potato's have all been planted in growing bags. I much prefer growing potato's this way as it makes harvesting them so much easier. This year I have planted some teasels and foxgloves in my veggie beds which are doing really well - I love the idea of flowers and vegetables all mixed up together.

I finally got around to planting up some late spring pots and moving some small shrubs from the garden that were not doing very well into pots.

...and succumbed to my local garden centres tempting special offer on pansy's. I now have pots and pots of pansy's on the patio and found these two colourful pots in the shed which I potted up.l

Aren't they just so bright and cheery? I love them :)

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