Tuesday, February 11, 2014

From the School Room

Just a few things from the school room today. We finished up our Industrial Revolution lapbook. I added quite a bit to bulk it up for my 13 and 15 year old. We watched a series that showed on the Discovery channel about inventions during this time - some obscure ones we had no idea about :o). We added some living books during out read aloud time and I assigned a short research project to both girls.

Instead of creating a lapbook each, I decided that we would create a wall chart and past all our lapbook pieces and projects etc onto it for us all to see. This way it is a great visual reminder each day of what we have been learning and makes for easy revision. 

I have written a review about this particular lapbook product from Hands of a Child which you can read here if you would like to know more.

I have added 'Home Economics' to our studies. Yes, I know that allot of it happens quite naturally as we work and live together at home, but things like sewing really do need to have some time carved out and set aside. It is all too easy to brush it aside if it is not scheduled into my week and there in black and white in my school planner.

This week I decided to tackle one of those 'I-really-must-make-these-sometime' projects. 

We are ALWAYS short of napkins or serviettes in my home and I have been meaning to sew up some fabric ones forever! The problem is is that it is kind of boring sewing and all that pressing and mitering of corners! However - it is great practise for a beginner sewer. So that was our project for Home Ec. My eldest daughter is quite proficient on the sewing machine, but my youngest is just starting out with hers, so we all got to make napkins ;o)

I used fabric that I already had - which happened to be autumnal. These of course will be great to use in autumn, but I kind of feel silly using them now - so the plan is to buy some more fabric and make another set (which I will do myself - I don't think the girls could really stand much more napkin making LOL). At least we do actually have napkins at the moment, so I will be happy and content with that for now :o)

Other news - we had a bit of a wintry shower today. Snow fell but did not settle, although it did settle on the hills in the distance - it was pretty to look at. However, the sun is now out and has melted all the snow away. We have all resigned ourselves to a wet rather than white winter this year. I am happy that spring is approaching though - I can't wait to see the first daffodils and crocus bloom. I just love this time of the year. Spring enters, Easter arrives - just such a lovely time of year :o). Then of course the joys of summer - *sigh* I do love the seasons - each and every one, I don't think I have a favourite.

I think I will end this post here - I feel like I am rambling on about nothing LOL. 

Have a wonderful day.



  1. I like the idea of the wall chart. I have five kids sometimes all working on the same project and 5 lap books gets very time consuming and tedious. Did you still use file folders and can it be stored away?

    1. I find a lapbook each with two somewhat tedious so I can imagine what it must be like with five! I didn't use the file folders, what I have done is take a roll of brown {wrapping} paper, cut a generous length and masking taped it to the wall. I print off one set of lapbook templates for us and each child gets an activity or two to complete. I have taken a photo of our wall chart which will go into each child's school binder {mainly to show evidence to our Local Education Authority at our annual meeting}, and the wall chart will then be rolled up and put away - again, kept until after our LEA meeting at the end of the year. This is the first time we have done our lapbook in this format and I have to say that we really enjoyed it. There was a feeling of unity as we all worked on one project together and I had less moaning about all that cutting out!

  2. Thank you that was very helpful:) Also nice to see it's not just my kids that don't care for all the cutting. I think doing this together might give them more sense of accomplishment rather than just one more thing to do.

  3. I love your posts! We use cloth napkins as well. If any of my purchased fabric doesn't get used after a few years, I can sew it up into napkins.:)


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